NEC VERSA P-Series P8100, Laptop Motherboard Schematic diagram

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Attention !
This schematic diagram is fully applicable to laptops which have
the following part numbers NN81XXXXXXX and NN82XXXXXXX only .
You also can apply this schematic diagram for the laptops which have the part
numbers NN84xxxxxxx, NN85xxxxxxx, NN86xxxxxxx - but we don't garantee a
100% compatibility at this case !

Included :


Major components:

CPU : INTEL Pentium Mobile (Dothan 400/533)
Chipset :Intel Alviso 915PM /GM / ICH6-M (Intel 82801FBM)
Video: UMA or nVIDIA NV44M/NV43M
KBC(Embeded Controller),SIO : W83L950D

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Updated: 08-11-2010
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