Apple iPad iPad Pro 11" 2nd Gen (A2228 / Wi-Fi Only), Logic board BoardView* file and Schematic diagram

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2020, iPad Pro 11" 2nd Gen (Wi-Fi Only) / A2228 / EMC 3349/ iPad8,9

What's included :

1) 3 Schematic Diagrams for Main Logic Board, Pencil Charging Board and Strobe Board
2) 2 BoardView files* (*Component Placement Diagrams (Silkscreens) / Searchable PDF files) for main logic board and pencil charging board. All components and test points are searchable!
3) List of Testpoints
3) Connectors pinout

Main components:

- CPU : Apple A12Z Bionic

File types :

Schematic Diagrams: PDF (Searchable)
BoardView files* (*Component Placement Diagrams (Silkscreens): PDF (Searchable)
Conn pinout: PNG & TIFF files

*Please note!
The BoardView file* (*Component Placement Diagram (Silkscreen) is a Searchable PDF file!
It's not a BoardView file like .BRD, PCB, CAD, etc!
Updated: 08-02-2022
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