Lenovo YOGA series laptops (ThinkPad) Yoga 11e 5th Gen (Type 20LN, 20LM) Laptop (ThinkPad), Motherboard BoardView file and Schematic diagram

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Price: US $20.00  

What's included:

— 4 Schematic Diagrams: For MB* (please read note below), Power, Sensor & WiFi LED boards
— 2 BoardView file for MB ( Rev: 1 & 1M) + BoardView software
— Power On Sequence Timing Diagram
— Power Off Sequence Timing Diagram
— Power On Sequence Step-by-Step Block Diagram
— SMBUS / i2C Block Diagram

Major components:

CPU/RAM: Intel Gemini Lake (Celeron N5030, N5000, N4120, N4100)* / DDR4
EC : Nuvoton NPCE288

File type : PDF
Language : English
BoardView file: *.BRD

* There 2 different motherboards for this laptop.
The offered schematic diagram and BoardView file fit to the MB with Gemini Lake CPU only! (Celeron N5030, N5000, N4120, N4100)
The schematic diagram and BoardView file DON'T fit to MB with KabyLake CPU! (m3-7Y30 or i5-7Y54)
Please see the photo for your reference.
Updated: 16-06-2021
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