Apple iPad iPad Pro 10.5" (A1701 / Wi-Fi Only), Logic board BoardView* file and Schematic diagram

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Price: US $40.00  

2017, iPad Pro 10.5" (Wi-Fi Only) / A1701 / EMC 3140 / IPad7,3

What's included :

1) Logic Board Schematic Diagram
2) 2 BoardView files* (*Component Placement Diagram (Silkscreen) / Searchable PDF files):

- The first one provides the ability to search for components directly on the board.
- The second one contains additional information about pads and test points. All components and test points are searchable!. Ground and Signal pads are highlighted with Yellow and Red

3) List of Test Points
4) Scanned logic board in High Resolution (Top Side only)

Main components:

- CPU : Apple A10X Fusion 2340 MHz (3 cores)

File types :

Schematic Diagram: PDF (Searchable)
BoardView file* (*Component Placement Diagram (Silkscreen): PDF (Searchable !)

*Please note!
The BoardView file* (*Component Placement Diagram (Silkscreen) is a Searchable PDF file!
It's not a BoardView file like .BRD, PCB, CAD, etc!
Updated: 31-12-2021
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