Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (i7-6650U CPU only), Motherboard BoardView file and Schematic diagram

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Price: US $30.00  

Motherboard p/n : X911788-009

What's included :

1) Schematic Diagram
2) BoardView file* (*Component Placement Diagram (Silkscreen) / 2 PNG files)
3) Clock Block Diagram
4) Power Sequence and Reset Step-by-Step Block Diagram
5) Power Distribution diagram (Power Flow)
6) Power Block Diagram
7) Power Sequence Timing Diagram
7) I2C & SMBus Map

Main components:

- CPU/HUB/RAM: Intel SkyLake-U23E i7-6650U / LPDDR3
- GPU: UMA (Intel IRIS 540)
- EC/SAM (Sensor Aggregator Microcontroller): ITE8528 / MKL17Z256VMP4 or MKL33Z256VMP4

File types :

Schematic Diagram: PDF (Searchable)
Component Placement Diagrams : 2 PNG files / High Resolution / Unsearchable

*Please note!
The Component Placement Diagrams (Silkscreens) are graphical files (pictures) in PNG format.
The files show component RefDes numbers and its location on the board only.
We hope you understand that graphical files are unsearchable -
It means that you cannot search components on the board using a search function as you do this usually in PDF or .BRD files.
Updated: 30-06-2021
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