Acer Chromebook 512 C851T, Motherboard BoardView file and Schematic diagram

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Price: US $20.00  

What's included:

— Schematic Diagram for MB
— BoardView file for MB and BoardView Software
— USB Type-C Block Diagram
— Power Tree diagram
— I2C Map
— WOV (Wake on Voice) block diagram
— Power Sequence timing diagram
— Lifecycle Extension Guide (Disassembly Procedures/ FRU List/ Exploded Diagram)

Major components:

CPU: Intel GeminiLake SoC + DDR4

File types:

Schematic Diagram(s): PDF / Searchable
BoardView file(s) : .BRD (Allegro / Cadence Ver:17.2)
BIOS file : N/A
Language : English

Lifecycle Extension Guide : PDF (Searchable)
Language : French
Updated: 20-10-2021
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